Grapo Manta KM8/720UV


Grapo Manta

The MANTA is large format UV flatbed printer as reply of company GRAPO s.r.o. to the still growing demand for UV technologies especially in printing on desk materials. This printing machine can be used for rigid and some flexible media up to 2,05m x 3,05m width and 60 mm thickness.
The MANTA is equipped with eight Konica Minolta heads KM 512MH/14 pl. Complete control software and RIP software together with colormanagement for CMYK include ICC color management are developed by GRAPO. The printer is built from automation industry components, selected for their high performance and endurance in longrun operational load.

Highly versatile printer

The MANTA is designed to optimize your production process. It is easy to operate, requires easy maintenance, can be easily switched to different print applications especially on rigid and also on some flexible materials on a reduced scale.

This unique system cuts out preparation time in the course of printing. In TWIN MODE, there are two virtual working desks, so it is possible to set up the starting points for two printing operations indenpendently. You can print on one part of the working desk and in the meantime you can prepare material on the other one. The technology has been developed by GRAPO.

Application of sufficiently rigid inks provides print outputs for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, for example show windows, backlit products, metal desks, prints on furniture for design studios, glass, wall-pictures etc.
The possibilities of our printer are really wide – it is a flexible equipment for creative people.

Perfect print results
Combination of the print heads and specially formulated UV inks achieves the best print results.


Specially formulated UV inks achieve resistant surface and shiny colours. The inks adhere to rigid materials (eg. plastics, wood, metal, glass, etc.). It is possible to increase adhesion on media by application of special Primer coatings, that enable to achieve the best results on specific rigid materials.
The inks for MANTA are made by Sun Chemical, the world’s largest ink manufacturer. As such, Crystal URG Inks are formulated and manufactured to the highest specification, including ISO9001:2000 quality and ISO14001 environmental compliance. The inks are specifically formulated in partnership with ensuring compatibility with the print heads and excellent jetting reliability.

Quick recovery of investment

Reasonable price, low operating costs and high productivity makes from the MANTA ideal choice for large scale of operations in the digital print.

Technical specification

Printing Technology: Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet system

Printhead: 8xKonica Minolta Printheads, KM512 MH/ 14 pl

Print Resolution: 720 x 720dpi, 420 x 720 dpi

Maximum Print Area: 2,05 m x 3,05 m

Maximum Media Thickness: 60 mm

Printing Speed: Maximum up to 110 sq.m./hr.
Productional quality 30-40 sq.m./hr.
High quality 15-20 sq.m./hr.

Colours: 4 colors CMYK x 2 ( 2printheads per color/512 nozzles )

Printing Inks: GRAPO SunChemical URG – UV curable inks (CMYK)

Curing System: Air-cooled UV lamps – continual regulation

Media Types:
PVC sheets, plexiglass, wood, glass, ceramics, metal,polystyrene, foam, thermocol, cardboards, paper banner, textile etc.

Operation System: Windows XP, NT

Print Program :
GRAPO graphics sofware controlled by Grapo RIP software, ICC color management , multilanguage graphical users interface

Image formats:
All popular graphic-file formats inculding TIFF, PDF, JFIF, EPS, PostScript,

Ink reservoir :                        4x 5 Liters

External dimensions transport: 2,6m x 2,4m x  4,6m (w,h,d) 4,5m x 1m x 0,7m (w,h,d)

Required space dimension: 4,5m x 1,7m x 5,5m (w,h,d)

External dimensions installed: 3,9m x 1,5m x 4,6m (w,h,d)  see the layout

Weight: 1250 kg

Electrical requierements: 3 phase, 400 V, 50Hz, connector 3P+N+PE NN 3253,

Environmental operation condition: Temperature 15-29 C, relative humidity 30-70 %, non dusty area

The printer is equipped with eight print heads KONICA MINOLTA KM 512/14 pl.. Each head has perfect temperature control system (which works according to information coming from the print head) and ink input with mechanical closure. Cleaning of printheads is performed by inlet of air pressure into subtanks. The UV curing lamps with high output are air cooled. The printheads carriage is height adjustable up to 60 mm above the aluminium sandwich desk with extra solid surface.
The ink supply is based on four large-capacity ink tanks. Metal design of the tanks prevents contact with UV irradiation and ink. Ink is transported per nilon hoses with minimal UV irradiation penetrability. Impurities in ink are caught by special filters. Underpressure for the printheads is provided by the underpressure regulator.
The print is made on special Aluminium sandwich desk with unique suction system which is uniform at any given point on a desk.


Power-circuit parts control the motor operations, UV bulbs, antistatics, vacuum sucking and cooling. The electronical parts control the data output, power supply for the carriage and the print heads, regulate temperature of the print heads and ink supply into the subtanks.

Software control

Total control of the printer is executed from the PC work station working under Windows XP, NT. Control application drives UV bulbs, indicates level of ink in the maintanks, gives information about the print, offers correction of the media movement, etc. RIP software used in the MANTA is developed by GRAPO and is equipped with all standard functions like change of file size, rotation, cutting marks, tilling, etc. Software has also ICC colormanagement and and multi-language graphical users interface.

Download Manta leaflet download

Grapo Manta Bulgarian Language
Grapo Octopus II – Bulgarian Language

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