HP Indigo ws4500 Digital series

HP Indigo ws4500 Digital series
HP Indigo ws4500 Digital series - Digital Offset Presses
Printable data sheet (.pdf)

The HP Indigo press ws4500—a third-generation mature press—is a high-productivity, cost-effective digital solution. Designed for high-volume 24/7 operation, it has an economic run length of 2,000 linear meters/6,500 linear feet.

Change spot colors on the fly while printing—and without losing production time.
Print shorter runs on digital presses and use conventional presses more efficiently for longer runs.
Make changes to the color print order in just a few seconds with the click of a mouse.
Get optional media reinsertion to enable and simplify two-sided digital printing.
Print jobs with runs as few as one label—and up to 50,000 labels—profitably!
Fast turnaround and just-in-time service help customers get their jobs to market quickly.
Variable data printing helps your customers personalize their products and protect their assets.
HP Indigo digital presses accept an ever-expanding array of substrates
Print with up to seven colors, including spot colors, white, and eye-popping fluorescent colors.
Print up to 97% of the PANTONE* color range without compromising production.
HP IndiChrome on-press simulates PANTONE* solid colors with CMYKOV values.
With industry-leading print quality, your customers’ products will stand out in the marketplace.

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