iTi’s robust Versatile JET (VJET) Large Format Inkjet Production System

Versatile Jet Large Format
Inkjet Production System

VJet 5000 iTi’s robust Versatile JET (VJET) delivers high positional accuracy for drop placement on an extensive range of porous and non-porous substrates including PCBs, as metals, plastics, and glass.

The VJET enables inkjet production in industrial manufacturing applications including PCBs, biomedical, printed electronics, materials texturing and display fabrication. It also enables industrial graphics printing on materials such as metals, ceramics and glass.

The VJET is a flexible, highly adaptable platform for OEMs and end users with unique printing requirements. It is offered as a private label system to solution providers who want to integrate proprietary fluids with highly accurate, large format print capability.

The VJET has a touch screen user interface and a Windows print driver that simplifies network integration and enables printing from Windows® 2000 or XP.

Features – VJET 5000

  • Parker-Daedal® Linear stages in the X direction with a .5 µm encoder
  • Parker-Daedal Stepper stage in the y direction with a 1 µm encoder
  • Window® Print Driver
  • Network enabled
  • Available with four to eight printheads
  • Provides four to eight color or materials printing
  • High-quality, high-resolution coverage of 48” x 54” (122cm x 137 cm) substrate area
  • User selectable from 200 to 800 dpi (1200 dpi optional) – printhead dependent
  • Vacuum platen with customizable vacuum zones
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Optional UV

Click to download a Versatile JET 5000 Large Format Ink Jet Production System datasheet (pdf)

PixDro research & development of industrial inkjet applications

About PixDro

PixDro is an innovative company, specializing in the research & development of industrial inkjet applications and the manufacturing of advanced inkjet systems for research and industry. Our experience in the inkjet market has resulted in various innovative technologies and products.
Our products consist of printing modules embedded in a system architecture allowing PixDro to customize their systems to the various requirements of process and application.

As part of the OTB-Group, Pixdro offers complete printing solutions including pre and post processing; thereby, providing a complete solution to your requirements. If needed, we will team up with other system / print head providers to supply you with the optimal system.

Target market & Applications

Developments in inkjet technology are expected to make a significant impact on the industrial world in the next five years. Inkjet technology will replace existing technologies but can also create new possibilities. Inkjet has many unique properties, high accuracy, high material utilization, contact less technology.

As such print technology has a large potential in the many areas, some of which are:

  • Memory
  • RFID
  • Plastic electronic – Passive components, conductive patterns
  • Solar
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Laboratory equipment
  • OLED Displays
  • Photo resist application

    LP50 Desktop Print System

    System description

    The PixDro LP50 desktop print system is a low cost R&D inkjet printer for startup companies and research facilities. It is designed for evaluation and development of inkjet materials and processes. It’s compact design and ease of use makes it an ideal system for a laboratory environment. The intuitive Graphical User Interface supplies the operator with various tools guiding him/her through the inkjet process. As the system is using standard Pixdro modules, easy scaling into an industrial system is possible.

    Main product features

  • Accurate research printing platform.
  • High chemical-resistant industrial Print Head and ink supply system;
  • Integration of various types of print heads possible;
    • PixDro PL128
    • XAAR Omnidot 360/720
    • Spectra SE/SL/SM 128
    • Konica Minolta KM 256/512
  • Good control over printing process and access to printing /
    jetting parameters.
  • Ease of operation, guiding starters into inkjet technology.
  • Optionally the system can be supplied as a module integrated into
    a glove-box.

LP150 Versatile Print System

System description

The PixDro LP150 is a versatile high precision inkjet system.

It is designed for evaluation and development of inkjet materials and inkjet processes. It allows use of multiple print heads, enabling research of various materials’ layers and multi layer applications. As the system is built around industrial print heads, it enables the development of an industrial process on laboratory scale, evolving into an industrial system. E.g. dedicated system architectures like multi-head single pass solutions can be engineered on request based on this product platform. The compact design allows the system to be used or integrated into a lab or glove-box. The intuitive Graphical User Interface is easy to use and supplies the operator with various tools guiding him/her through the inkjet process.

Main product features

  • Accurate printing platform.
  • Allowing the use of up to four independent print head assemblies.
  • High chemical-resistant industrial print head and ink supply system
  • Possibility to integrate various types of print heads;
    • PixDro PL128,
    • XAAR Omnidot 360/720,
    • Spectra SE/SL/SM 128,
    • Konica Minolta KM 256/512.
  • Good control over printing process and access to printing /
    jetting parameters.
  • Ease of operation, guiding starters into inkjet technology.
  • Optionally the system can be supplied with an inert gas-enclosure or
    as module built into a glove-box.


The LP150 can be integrated in an M-Braun glove box, enabling easy integration in research environment. This way your system can profit from all M-Braun functionalities.

IP350 Industrial Print system

System Description

The PixDro Industrial Printer 350 is an industrial production- line print system. The system can also work as a standalone unit. The PixDro IndP350 has all the functionality needed for high quality inkjet printing required in industrial applications, such as plastic electronics. The modular design allows an optimized design for every application.

Main Product Features:

  • Accurate platform.
  • Substrates size in the range of 350mm square
  • Robust industrial design
  • High chemical-resistant industrial Print Head and ink supply system;
    easy to exchange.
  • Integration of various types of print heads possible, including:
    • PixDro PL128
    • XAAR Omnidot 360/720
    • Spectra SE/SL/SM 128
    • Konica Minolta KM 256/512
  • Good control over printing process and access to printing /
    jetting parameters.
  • Ease of operation, guiding starters into inkjet technology.
  • Optionally the system can be supplied with pre and post processing, clean air functionality, inert environment, different curing and drying functionalities etc.

Vertical integration

An inkjet printing device is a highly complex system. It integrates many subsystems and operational elements into a single, highly synchronized working machine. PixDro has based its development concept on this notion. It believes that the only way to develop a successful inkjet product is by integrating these elements in all development stages.

Varies elements exist in inkjet systems design:

System concept – A global vision of the system as a whole is essential to provide a solid backbone to a good printing system.

Print heads – The print heads are obviously a key element in the printing system. The adaptation of the print heads to the specific application is essential for the success of the whole project.

Chemistry – Chemistry and material science play a major role in the operation of an inkjet system. The formulation of printing liquids, the adaptation of print heads, Substrate treatments, drying and curing, are among the highly challenging tasks facing the chemical scientist. Chemical development is strongly integrated with all other disciplines throughout the development process.

Ink Supply & Maintenance system – These auxiliary mechanical systems have a crucial effect on the functionality of the inkjet printing system.

Motion systems – Design and implementation of all components upon the requested performances, costs and target markets

Print Algorithms and workflow – Special proprietary algorithms play a major role in obtaining better product quality, printing throughput, and system reliability in industrial environments. These algorithms are normally implemented over a range of disciplines comprising software, hardware and mechanical design.

Software – Inkjet systems are normally software integrated. The software controls all components of the machine and operates them in a synchronized manner.

Hardware – A good hardware design is essential to obtain a smooth machine control, high throughput and excellent quality. Various complex algorithms are implemented in hardware and require very high design skills.

Drying process– Only after the dry /cure process the layer will require its functional property.

The ability to master all these elements is a prerequisite for the development of inkjet printing systems. PixDro has it.

Sun Chemical launches Solarjet™ at Leabelexpo Europe

Built in partnership with Imaging Technology International (iTi) of Colorado, USA, SolarJet offers an innovative solution for printers and converters that allows printers to produce shorter print runs quickly, cost effectively and without sacrificing quality. This is increasingly relevant to the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, industrial, electronics and FMCG markets, where printed products are updated frequently, and therefore, run lengths need to be shorter to reduce wastage.

Stefan Slembrouck, Business Manager Digital Print Solutions, Sun Chemical Digital, said: “We have designed SolarJet to fill a specific gap in the narrow-web labels market, rather than developing an expensive new all-round technology that nobody really needs. SolarJet offers printers an economically viable solution for print runs of 10,000 labels or fewer, freeing up their flexo presses for the higher-volume jobs. It also has the added benefit of being able to print variable data, such as text and barcodes, which is particularly beneficial in Europe, where products may need to be printed in various languages.

“By investing in a digital solution such as SolarJet, printers that have traditionally run a high-volume flexo operation can increase their turnover by offering short-run, quick turnaround jobs that were previously beyond their capabilities. It is a complementary technology that exploits the strengths of digital printing, while bridging the gap in conventional printing processes.”

SolarJet’s inks dispersion system, and inks themselves, are unique strengths. It is equipped with the latest generation Xaar 760 printheads in CMYK, which achieve an apparent print quality of 900 x 900 dpi. Sun Chemical has used its unrivalled expertise in the ink industry to develop SolarDot™ pigmented UV inks, which have been designed specifically to optimise performance and deliver reliable, high-quality print on a range of substrates.

The press can print at a speed of up to 25 metres (80 linear feet) per minute and is designed to fit seamlessly into conventional workflows. It offers print widths from 53mm to 160 mm (2.1 to 6.3 inches) to meet the application requirements of converters, and utilise their existing inventory of dies and converting equipment.

The SolarJet press will be demonstrated publicly for the first time on Sun Chemical’s stand – 5E80 – at LabelExpo Europe in Brussels from September 26-29, 2007. The demonstration model will feature optional EXFO pinning units to demonstrate the capabilities of controlling even fine text and bar code requirements. In-line and Off-line converting options compatible with SolarJet will also be demonstrated on the Rotoflex stand (5c30).

About Sun Chemical
Sun Chemical, the world’s largest producer of printing inks and pigments, is a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets. With annual sales of over $3billion, Sun Chemical has more than11,000 employees supporting customers around the world. The Sun Chemical Group of companies includes such established names as Coates, Hartmann, Kohl & Madden, and US Ink.
Sun Chemical Corporation in the U.S. and Sun Chemical Limited in England are subsidiaries of Sun Chemical Group B.V., the Netherlands. Sun Chemical has headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, U.S.A.; Slough, England; and Weesp, the Netherlands. For more information, please visit our Web site at .