imaging Technology international Corporation Digital Web Press

imaging Technology international Corporation Digital Web Press

iTi’s newest production system, the Digital Web Press (DWP) is a flexible, highly adaptable platform for OEMs and end users with variable image printing requirements, or those who want to integrate proprietary fluids and/or substrates with digital roll stock print capability.

The DWP is a roll to roll , narrow web production system for color and monochromatic label printing, and for electrical and biomedical production applications using flexible substrates.

The DWP allows on-demand production with per unit product differentiation and just-in-time delivery. Digital control provides users the ability to generate quickly images to be printed and enables high speed printing of small batch runs with no setup time between jobs. It eliminates the high setup costs and long lead times that characterize analog solutions for short run label printing.

Featuring sturdy anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction, the DWP can print up to 80 ft/min (24 m/min) and supports up to six colors. A variety of curing systems can be incorporated.

Important: Please read the Labels and Labeling article featuring iTi’s new system.

AGFA Dotrix Transcolor

:Dotrix Transcolor is a full colour transactional data printer. The :Dotrix Transcolor is specifically designed for complex variable-data printing in the transactional, transpromotional and direct mail market. This printer produces documents at breakthrough speeds, at the lowest cost-per-copy and the highest return on investment.

If you invest in a full colour data printer you want to be profitable.
You also want to print at high speeds, since your run length is considerable.
Moreover you would like to combine full colour with variable data and you would like to intergrate seamlessly in your IPDS workflow.
:Dotrix Transcolor will not only help you recover your investment fast, you will also discover new business opportunities to increase profitability.

User Profile

If you need a full colour transactional data printer for all your transactional, transpromotional and direct mail print work, :Dotrix Transcolor is the one likely to bring you the most productive printer that will seamless integrate in your business.

Key benefits

High speed – 30,000 A4 pages per hour

Full colour eye-catching promotional messages without reducing speed

Integrate seamlessly into IPDS workflow

High resolution data printing 300 dpi greyscale – 900 dpi perceived resolution

:Dotrix Transcolor is a full colour transactional data printer. The :Dotrix Transcolor is specifically designed for complex variable-data printing in the transactional, transpromotional and direct mail market. This printer produces documents at breakthrough speeds, at the lowest cost-per-copy and the highest return on investment

High Speed

The :Dotrix Transcolor prints nearly 500 A4 pages per minute. That’s almost 30,000 per hour. And as many as 100 million pages per year.

Full Color Maximised

Go from transactional to trans-promotional printing to direct mail in full vibrant color-at the same high speed! You can gain even more value from your customer database by adding eye-catching promotional messages. Not only will you achieve maximum productivity, you’ll also get a faster return on investment by leveraging your database to its fullest extent.

Variable Color Data

Go one step further by matching the message to customer preferences. You’ll get a higher response rate for another boost to the ROI (return on investment).

Powerful IPDS Workflow

Our powerful IPDS controller turns the most complex workflows into fast-moving data streams. You’ll print full-color variable data in real time, even with the most complex document design.


The ability to use standard paper is key to low cost-per-copy. Agfa’s UV curable inks let you print on these papers at the same, high speed. Use coated or uncoated paper from 48 gsm to 380 gsm.

Powerful IPDS Controller.

The :Dotrix Transcolor lets you add full-color variable messages to an already complex database document without sacrificing speed or quality.

Real-Time Page Processing

The :Dotrix Transcolor’s TechResearch© IPDS (intelligent Print Data Stream) FS45 controller eliminates bottlenecks using Streaming IPDS , scalable data-processing technology that provides unlimited processing power. Using Myrinet© architecture, it distributes processing tasks to a “cluster farm” that can house an unlimited number of clusters. The result is real-time “ripping speed” regardless of project complexity and color density.

Seamless Integration

Agfa’s IPDS solution integrates seamlessly with the industry standard workflows, (IPDS host to be provided by the customer) For total compatibility, a connectivity path to PDF workfl ows can be included as well, using Agfa’s :Apogee X workflow tool.

:Agorix Nova True Printing Inks

:Agorix Nova inks are different from other inkjet inks. They are scratch, smear and water resistant. They print with luster and vibrancy, to make your message stand out!

Smooth Tints

The :Dotrix Transcolor’s inkjet heads have been designed to produce droplets that vary in size. This produces smooth tints and natural flesh tones.

High Resolution.

Variable droplets with stochastic screening produce an image quality that, quite frankly, you might not expect to see for these applications With the :Dotrix Transcolor you’ll be able to dazzle your customers and at the same time offer your marketing department a powerful new means to reach the consumer.

  • Print Technology Drop-on-demand piezo inkjet
  • Print Resolution 300 dpi gray scale (3 bit – 8 levels), 900 dpi perceived resolution
  • Ink Technology Agorix Nova UV curable inks (no solvents)
  • Productivity 484 pages / minute (29.000 pages / hour)
  • Linear web speed 5-24 m/min (16.4 – 78.7 ft/min)
  • Maximum web width 650 mm (25.6″)
  • Maximum print width 630 mm (24.8″)
  • Number of colors 2 x 4 (CMYK)
  • Base unit configurations Roll-to-roll servo driven with jumbo unwinder and rewinder or Roll-to-outfeed servo driven with jumbo unwinder and outfeed to 3rd party finishing solution (loose loop) or roll-to-roll servo driven with jumbo unwinder and rewinder with pass-through to 3rd party finishing solution (loose loop)
  • Substrate pre-treatment options Corona, Meech Paper cleaning, anti-static
  • Finishing options In-line slitter bar
  • Other options Inspection table
  • Substrates Paper substrates from 48 – 380 gsm
  • Plastic substrates 50-400 micron thickness
  • Footprint Configuration dependent
  • Roll-to-roll configuration confi g: 7.95m x 1.69m (26.04 x 5,54 ft)
  • Allow for extra manoeuvring space for jumbo reel handling
  • Height 2.32m (2.52m with SPICE unit lifted)
  • Weight 8500kg

AGFA Dotrix Modular

Dotrix Modular

:Dotrix Modular is the most productive industrial full color inkjet press available today. This versatile engine prints on various types of substrates, including heat-sensitive, pressure-sensitive and in-mould labels. Also POP & displays and packaging are printing applications this machine covers.

The most productive full colour digital press available

Besides the common benefits of digital printing like minimum make ready time, instant job switching, less waste, etc. :Dotrix Modular is capable of printing single sided 907 sqm per hour at widths of up to 63 cm. This makes the :Dotrix Modular full color inkjet press the most productive industrial digital print solution available today.

The modularity concept means that this digital press is at all times fully tuned to your company’s requirements.

Around the proven SPICE printing unit Agfa can add traditional UV flexo printing stations, that can also serve as coating or varnishing alleys. Slitting and die cutting as well as sheeter installations can be added to complete the engine that your business requires.

Because of its versatility in use, its productivity and print quality, :Dotrix Modular allows you to offer new creative products beyond the imagination of the marketer. Increase your turnover and customer’s loyalty by offering a full service from ultra short run prints to high volume print production.

This versatile engine prints on various types of substrates, including heat-sensitive, pressure-sensitive and in-mould labels. Also POP & displays and packaging are printing applications this machine covers.

Don’t forget that with an average product life span of less than 6 months, it often doesn’t pay to print very large volumes. Key are smaller amounts and intensified marketing at the right time.

:Dotrix Modular offers the possibility of large-scale test marketing, and ultimately inventory by printing on demand.

Key benefits

The modularity concept: UV flexo printing stations (coating or varnishing), Slitting, Die cutting, Sheeter installation

907 sqm per hour at a linear speed of 24 m/min

Very accurate reproduction of full colour and spot colour images

Dedicated :Agorix UV curable inks

Variable data printing, security elements, …

Compatible with existing workflows

Specialized integration teams

The heart of the matter – SPICE printing unit

The combination of its width and high speed greyscale inkjet heads makes the :Dotrix the most productive digital colour press for industrial applications. Because of this impressive productivity, relatively large runs can still be produced cost effectively without compromising on the unique features of digital printing like no make-ready, no change-over time, on demand production, late correction, variable data, etc.

Productivity is key

Productivity is key. But there is more to productivity than printing speed.:Dotrix Modular is a true digital inkjet press offering all the advantages of digitalprinting such as virtually no make ready time, no set-up time between jobsand less waste during start-up.
Furthermore, switching from one substrate to another is done in a fewminutes with the easy-to-use splicing tool. Even changing from a smaller toa larger web width requires no extra manipulation at the press at all.

To maximize uptime, ink can be refilled during printing in the external inksupply system.
The robust web transport system is designed for continuous 3 shift operation.

The pre-and post finishing installations (see further) that give this engine its modularity increase efficiency and productivity even more.

All these features make the :Dotrix Modular the most productive and flexible “industrial digital press” on the market today!

There’s no jet like Agfa’s inkjet

Colour consistency, smooth images and sharp edges or text are day-to-day requirements in an industrial printing environment. Agfa’s :Agorix ink printed with the :Dotrix inkjet heads delivers the highest possible quality on many types of substrates. A team of specialists is at the users’ disposal to evaluate the preferred substrates and define the correct settings for optimal print quality.

Accurate and reproducible colour

The :Dotrix Modular handles the incoming files from either :ApogeeX or 3rd party pre-press systems. The unique colour management system ensures very accurate reproduction of full colour and spot colour images with our own :Agorix CMYK UV-curable inks.

Substrate specific settings can be saved and re-used to further minimize the set-up time in case of a substrate change-over. Furthermore screening type and dot gain compensation curves can be changed at run-time to perfectly match different printing conditions.

Integrated workflow

When margins and run volumes drop, when last minute changes and urgent reprints become frequent, on-demand printing with the direct-to-press :Dotrix Modular is the answer. This means no more film-, plate- or cylinder-making devices, low wastage and no make-ready time. In other words, reduce your set-up expenses and minimize your inventories.

Dotrix Modular

Modularity answers your converting needs

The modularity concept of the :Dotrix Modular engine tunes your engine to the market requirements. This means that according to your needs the following pre- or post finishing installations can be added:

The best of both worlds

Traditional flexographic printing stations can be integrated in-line or before or after the SPICE printing unit.
A flexo printing station before SPICE, could serve as a coating/priming pass if you are to print on difficult standard substrates. This will highly increase the print quality.
Or mount a tradional flexo plate giving endless combinations of flexo white or spot colours with digital SPICE printing on top.
Add an integrated flexo printing station after SPICE and lay downs a top-finishing lacquer, giving your end product that high-quality finishing touch.

Inline after-(or post) processing for higher efficiency and productivity

Slitting and die-cutting can be installed to make the :Dotrix Modular engine one integrated industrial printing press. These post finishing installations eliminate further off-line production stages enhancing the productivity of your business.

Jumbo unwind and rewind for longer independent printing

The unwind and rewind system of the :Dotrix Modular can handle rolls of up to 1250 mm diameter, weighing up to 800 kg providing long uninterrupted print runs.

Print technology
Drop-on-demand piezo inkjet

Print resolution
300 dpi grey scale (3 bit – 8 levels)

Ink technology
:Agorix UV-curable inks (no solvents)

Web speed
5 to 24 m/min (16.4 to 78.7 ft/min)

Max. print capacity
Up to 907 m2/h (9762.9 ft2/h)

Maximum web width
65 cm (25.6 in.)

Maximum print width
63 cm (24.8 in.)

Number of colors
4 (CMYK)

Base unit configuration
Roll-to-roll servo driven with jumbo unwinder and rewinder

Substrate pre-treatment options
, web cleaning, anti-static

Converting options
Flexographic printing stations, slitting, die-cutting

Industrial substrates, ranging from 25 to 600 micron thickness

Smallest configuration: 5.95 m x 1.69 m (19.49 x 5.54 ft)
Typical configuration: 7.38 m x 1.69 m (24.21 x 5.54 ft)

Smallest configuration: approx. 5,500 kg (12,125 pounds)
Typical configuration: approx. 6,500 kg (14,330 pounds)