Matan to Showcase Barak Product Line at ISA

Matan to Showcase Barak Product Line at ISA
Matan Digital Printers Press Release
Following the successful launch to Latin America at GOA, Matan will launch the Barak product line of 16ft and 11.4ft (5m & 3.5m), UV, Hybrid, SWF digital printers to North America at the ISA Sign Expo 2008, in Orlando, Florida, Booth #152, on March 27-29, 2008.

“The intense competition in the North American Super-wide Format market is causing print shops to seek new solutions that will improve their bottom line, and at the same time, enhance their quality and production capacities, and adhere to their responsibility to the environment” says Hanan Yosefi, Matan’s President & CEO. “The Barak line features an ultimate solution; offering high-quality printing, fast production speeds, outstanding ink coverage and excellent media versatility – or, as we call it the all-in-one solution that answers these challenging demands” he adds.

The Barak launch will take place at Matan’s Booth #152, on March 27th, with continuous live demonstrations, starting at 2:30pm. They will show this unique 16ft machine’s excellent printing capabilities and its patented hybrid mechanism that enables fast and easy switching between flexible and rigid media.

Barak is a SWF digital printer, using UV-curable inks, designed to bring an all-in-one solution to the market. Available in 16ft or 11.4ft widths, the Barak is easy to operate and guarantees a low total cost of ownership.

This printer offers the following benefits to the end-user:

High Performance: Barak incorporates leading print-head technology featuring 30 picoliter drop size to achieve high-quality output. Its wide color gamut and flexible inks enable the Barak to target a wide variety of demanding applications. The low ink consumption with coverage of up to 1940 sqft/liter (180 sqm/liter) on average, and the excellent throughput of more than 1830 sqft/hr (170 sqm/hour) meet the performance requirements of the most advanced print shop.

Versatility: The Barak is the only 16ft wide UV-printer in the market that handles both flexible and rigid materials, either coated or uncoated. Its optional Multi-roll feature enables the Barak to print simultaneously on up to 3 rolls, making it the perfect solution for printing in demanding production environments.

Ease of use: The Barak product line implements Matan’s user-friendly approach in both the mechanical and software design, assuring an easy, fast and intuitive workflow.

Environment Friendly: In line with Matan’s environment friendly philosophy, the Barak line uses UV inks that minimize site preparation requirements, ventilating and disposal.

Low Cost of Ownership: The Barak offers a competitive total cost of ownership, thanks to low running costs and fast return on investment (ROI).

Matan USA, based in up-state NY, is currently supporting large install base of printers, nationwide. During the last few quarters Matan USA enhanced its operation capabilities with experienced personnel to stand with the Barak product line requirements.

In addition, Matan is co-exhibiting with Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering in Booth #2358, where the flagship of its Thermal Transfer product line – the Matan SprinG³, will be demonstrated throughout the show.


Agfa :Anapurna XLS, :Anapurna Mv and :Anapurna M4f to Debut at drupa

Agfa :Anapurna XLS, :Anapurna Mv and :Anapurna M4f to Debut at drupa
Agfa Graphics Press Release
Agfa Graphics announced today that it will debut the newest additions to its family of highly reliable and cost-efficient inkjet printers at drupa 2008, the :Anapurna XLS, the :Anapurna Mv and the :Anapurna M4f. All will be shown at the Agfa stand during the 29 May -11June fair in Düsseldorf.

The new :Anapurna XLS is designed to eliminate the need for users to have to compromise between speed and quality as it is specially designed to provide photographic quality at high-production speeds. The XLS comes in a choice of speeds and produces top-quality printing with highly saturated, wide gamut colors in the medium, large and extra-large formats (up to 250 cm). It also allows borderless printing and has the capability for dual board printing. The printer outputs photo quality images at resolutions of 1440 dpi enabling reproduction of very fine text and line art. The system incorporates many unique design features for advanced operator support, automated maintenance, calibration and remote diagnostics. This printer is built around Agfa’s unique Universal Print Head (UPH) technology. The :Anapurna XLS ink is developed for optimum jetting reliability, image quality and adhesion to a wide variety of industry-standard media. The :Anapurna XLS will be available to the market immediately after drupa.

The new :Anapurna Mv and M4f will both also be demonstrated. The Mv will offer the image quality of the popular :Anapurna M, but can additionally add a spot of flood varnish to further improve printed materials’ cosmetic appearance.

The M4f also has the same robust design as the M. It has four CMYK printheads and is positioned as a rigid printer only with roll-to-roll as an option. The M4f is the entry level UV-ink printer of Agfa’s :Anapurna range.

Both the :Anapurna Mv and M4f have a maximum media width of 160 cm. They use state-of-the art 14 picoliter printheads and Agfa-made UV-curable :Anapurna ink to make photo-quality UV technology available to graphic screen printing and sign making shops at an affordable investment cost.

The entire :Anapurna family, including the XLS , Mv and M4f, delivers exceptional results for indoor and outdoor applications on uncoated rigid media, such as corrugated boards, rigid plastics, exhibition panels, stage graphics and advertising panels, as well as roll media such as film, vinyl and paper, canvas and banners.


Océ Adds Dedicated Roll Media Option to Arizona 250 GT

Océ Adds Dedicated Roll Media Option to Arizona 250 GT
Océ Press Release
Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced it has added a Roll Media Option for the Océ Arizona 250 GT UV flatbed printer. The Océ Roll Media Option gives customers the ability to print on flexible media including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper, film and textiles without compromising the productivity of the rigid printing workflow. It will be on display in the Océ booth #436 at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, FL, March 27-29, 2008.

The Océ Roll Media Option expands the functionality of the Océ Arizona 250 GT and increases opportunities for users by enabling roll-based printing of flexible media to create banners, point-of-sale displays, backlit graphics, paper-based posters and fabric panels. The ability to exactly match print quality across a wide range of media gives users an edge in the competitive pay-for-print market when bidding on complex print campaigns. The Océ Roll Media Option can be shipped with new orders or it can be added in the field – all existing Océ Arizona 250 GT units can be upgraded without hardware modification. The award-winning image quality of the Océ Arizona 250 GT printer is now extended to a vast array of flexible, roll-based media.

Unlike most systems, the rigid and the roll printing areas do not interfere with each other. The two printing surfaces can be used sequentially: while one is printing, the other can be handled without disrupting the printing process.

Once a rigid print is finished, the print head assembly is positioned over the Roll Media Option and begins printing on flexible media. Meanwhile, the rigid material is swapped out and a new board is placed on the vacuum table and prepared for printing. Once the flexible media printing is completed, the print head assembly moves back to the table to resume printing on the rigid media. The roll media can then be unloaded without disturbing the rigid printing function. There is absolutely no down time to reconfigure the system to change from one print mode to the other.

As an added benefit of this architectural approach, the patent-pending system used to move the gantry assembly over rigid media can also be used to make micro-corrections in position when printing on flexible media. This enables the printer to actively correct for any media advance errors encountered as the flexible media is advanced through the printing path. Unique to the Océ Arizona 250 GT, this technology results in the highest quality roll media printing yet seen in a UV curable inkjet system. It greatly reduces the amount of wasted prints when media advance errors occur because of anomalies in the roll stock.

The Océ Roll Media Option is a ‘touch-free’ system – at no point does any part of the printer or the transport contact the printing surface of the media. Unlike roll-based systems that use pinch rollers, this feature enables customers to print on media sensitive to mechanical marking without marring the printing surface.

The Océ Roll Media Option can support roll-based stock from 35.4 inches to 86.6 inches wide. Maximum print width is 86.2 inches. A cutting guide slot is included to enable the user to cut media in a perfectly straight manner while viewing the finished print. A wind/rewind foot panel to control roll-to-roll movement is included. This feature is used to advance and rewind media during loading and unloading and also enables the operator to view any part of the roll before cutting and dismounting.

The Océ Roll Media Option for the Océ Arizona 250 GT is expected to be commercially available in the second quarter of 2008. For existing Océ Arizona 250 GT customers, the field-upgrade to install the Océ Roll Media Option can be accomplished in one-half day or less. The Océ Arizona 250 GT is based on a new Océ-developed platform that combines a true flatbed design and a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. It can print onto rigid media up to 49 inches wide by 98 inches long and 1.89 inches thick. With the Océ Roll Media Option, users can print onto flexible media up to 87” wide. It uses four-color (CMYK) UV curable inks and Océ VariaDot imaging technology with near-photographic image resolution and delivers a true production print speed (sellable prints) of 172 square feet per hour.