Impika welcomes Panasonic to its booth at Drupa 2008 – International Print Industry Exhibition

Impika welcomes Panasonic to its booth at Drupa 2008 – International Print Industry Exhibition

Source: Impika, 2008-May-22

As the fruit of a close collaboration for more than two years, Impika welcomes its printhead technology provider, Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.), on booth B24-1 in Hall 10 for the official launch of the new generation of Impika’s digital color printing solutions, iPress and iPrint covering multiple applications.

These innovative printing solutions are the result of a technological collaboration between two world leaders : Panasonic, a premier developer of industrial technology, and Impika, an expert in developing and manufacturing industrial inkjet solutions.

This two companies collaboration consisted in the development of modular printing solutions which integrated Panasonic’s most advanced Drop-On-Demand thin-film piezoelectric printhead technology.

The latest generation of Panasonic printheads jet thousands of drops of water-based inks (both pigments and dyes) through 22,400 nozzles (in the current configuration) with a resolution of 600dpi. The printing speed, depending on the chosen configuration, varies from 75m/minute to 150m/minute, for a print width of 474mm. In addition, the printhead is able to produce several drop volumes (3, 9, 11, 13 picoliters), which can be combined in order to produce a very high quality printing mode for several applications.

Paul Morgavi, CEO of Impika, declares “We have the pleasure to welcome Panasonic on our booth and are very proud to showcase Panasonic’s technological strength. This is the first step of a strong collaboration continuing with further development of innovating printing solutions to further advance the performances of the ink jet technology”.

Panasonic Industrial Company Senior Account Manager Frank Orrow comments “We are very pleased to have this special opportunity to demonstrate Panasonic’s print and line head technology at Drupa 2008 thanks to the hospitality of Impika. We are also delighted to have the opportunity to work with Impika on their powerful technology solutions.”

Impika invites you to visit Booth B24-1 in Hall 10, to show Panasonic’s technology and learn more about the Impika difference with real-time demonstrations running every day.

About Impika

Impika was founded in 2003 by a team of 11 partners with 20 years of expertise in innovating digital DOD printing technology. Located in Aubagne, in the south of France, the company is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial ink jet printing systems marketed worldwide. Based on an innovative technology that jets micro drops of ink or material on a large range of different substrate, Impika is present in three main segments, printing, micro electronics and bio technology. Impika’s performances have already been awarded several times. Impika’s customers are mainly international industrial leaders who are contributing to 75% of its turnover.

TOSHIBA TEC’s CE2 inkjet grayscale heads

CE2 Product Info


1. Higher nozzle density with 636 channels

Higher nozzle density with 636 channels

CE2 is designed and more suitable for single pass application with its 300dpi resolution.

Wide range of drop volume

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2. Wide range of drop volume

Unique technology of jetting multiple drops onto a single dot creates wide range of grayscale with minimum 6 pl to maximum 90 pl (15 drops) per dot. (equal CA4)

Compared with conventional binary inkjet heads, it is more suitable to express smooth density gradation from light to dark for various industrial printing.

Wide range of drop volume
Print sample with OHP sheet

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3. Higher driving frequency(especially at small drops)

CE2 realizes 28KHz at 1drop (6pL) mode, which is same interface as CA4.

It is 6.2KHz for 7drop mode (42pL), 30% faster than CA3. Its linear speed is 35 m/min at (6pl, 1200dpi) mode and 31m/min at (42pl, 300dpi) mode, suitable for high productive industrial application.

Higher driving frequency(especially at small drops)

Note 1: Data transfer mode is different in 15KHz or more.

Note 2: Driving frequency in CA3’s 1-6drop is a referenece value.

Note 3: Above data is based upon TOSHIBA TEC’s internal test result. Optimized driving frequency may vary depending upon the ink to be used.

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4. Excellent dot placement accuracy

Accurate dot placement is achievable with excellent piezo process and jetting control technology

1)For a single pass type application;

  • realize higher print speed
  • realize wider swath by assembling multiple heads into a wider array

2)For a scanning type application;

  • improved throughput by reducing the number of scanning
  • further improvement in printing speed by adding more printheads per color

5. UV curable and Oil based pigment ink compatible

TOSHIBA TEC’s inkjet head is compatible with both UV curable and oil based pigment inks.

  • Oil based pigment ink is quick-drying, and suitable for a high-speed application with absorptive substrates required.
  • UV curable ink is fit with non-absorptive substrates, and suitable for various industrial applications.

* Aqueous ink, solvent ink and other special types of ink needs testing with printheads.
Please consult with TOSHIBA TEC in case those type of inks are required for your application.

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6. Stable jetting with water circulation

CE heads are equipped with a chassis with a water channel and water ports. Circulating thermal controlled water in the chassis creates uniform temperature distribution in the printhead. It allows more stable jetting performance.

High viscosity ink jetting

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Print Method On demand piezo method
Printable Area 53.7mm
Number of channels 636/head
Resolution / Channel pitch 300dpi/84.5 μm
Gradation Multiple drops
GrayScale 8-levels(Standard)
Drop Volume 6-90pl
Maximum Dot Frequency 28.0KHz(1drop)
Linear Speed 31m/min@7drops, 300dpi
35m/min@1drop, 1200dpi
Head Driving Voltage 14-31V
Curcuit Driving Voltage 39.0V
Ink* Oil based pigment ink / UV curable pigment ink
Weight 174g
Dimension 85(W)×74(D)×33(H)mm
Cover Yes
Chassis Ceramic chassis with water channel

Notes:Phrase in parentheses is a reference value.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

* Some ink may damage printheads depending upon the chemical used.
It is recommended that material compatibility test be carried out before use to obtain optimum print performance of the printheads.

Xaar to ‘Unleash the power of inkjet’ at Drupa – Hall 4 Stand E10 – 29th May – 11th June 2008

Xaar to ‘Unleash the power of inkjet’ at Drupa – Hall 4 Stand E10 – 29th May – 11th June 2008

Source: Xaar, 2008-Apr-28

– Partner OEMs to launch a record number of new Xaar-enabled printers at show

– Spotlight on latest XaarDOTT variable drop (greyscale) jetting capability for commercial level applications

– Xaar technology demonstrations uncover the potential of commercial level single-pass inkjet printing

A large number of Xaar printhead-enabled printers is due to be demonstrated at Drupa by key industry suppliers, including at least six new products making their worldwide debut. This sets a new record for Xaar, an independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment, and is the driving the force behind Xaar’s ‘Unleash the power of inkjet’ theme for the show.

Designed for high-speed, single-pass and scanning applications, the latest Xaar 1001 printhead is based on Xaar’s innovative Hybrid Side-ShooterT and TF TechnologyT which ensure accurate drop control, outstanding quality, productivity, and reliability. All the new products to be launched at Drupa rely on either the Xaar 1001 or the Xaar 760 and XaarDOT (Xaar Drop Optimisation Technology) for their high-end performance.

Xaar 1001-enabled

A significant number of new products powered by the latest Xaar 1001 printhead will be launched at the show. At this stage we can reveal the following highlights: (*products making their worldwide debut at Drupa)

– UV wide format printing: the ONE SOLUTION Meital 3000-10* wide format UV flatbed printer (Stand 9E03) has the ability to vary the drop size from 6 pl to 42 pl. It delivers photo-realistic quality and production speeds of up to 410 sqm/h The Meital 3000-10 is setting new standards in terms of quality, speed and ease of use.
– UV single-pass web printing: the FFEI/Nipleter Caslon label printer (Xaar Stand 4E10); the Beijing Founder Web Printer* (Stand 5B24) the JF Machines Narrow Web Press (Xaar Stand 4E10); and the EFI Jetrion 4000 (Stand 5C01) – all printing high quality labels and narrow web packaging at speeds that match that of conventional print.
– Industrial printing: Xennia (Stand 7AC09) will be showcasing a number of machines which incorporate the Xaar 1001 head into printers designed for manufacturing applications.
– Plus.several more innovative printers will be launched at the show. However, details are embargoed until the 29th May.

Other Xaar printheads

– UV wide format hybrid printing: the Agfa Anapurna XLS* (Stand 8B63) and the Mutoh Zephyr (Stand 9B43) – both producing stunning graphics
– Industrial printing: The Impika C9000 (Stand 10B24-1) card and security printing
– Xaar licensees: Numerous Xaar licensees will also be exhibiting at the show, such as Konica Minolta, Seiko and Toshiba-Tec

There will be numerous other Xaar-enabled wide format, narrow web, label, textile and ceramics inkjet products at Drupa demonstrating the considerable flexibility and potential of its printhead range.

Xaar’s innovative ‘single-pass’ technology

Xaar’s on-stand technology demonstrations illustrate the impressive performance and added-value potential of its latest printheads for commercial applications. Three single-pass inkjet products show the industrial-strength Xaar 1001 producing high quality, high-speed, single-pass printing producing fine detail and readable small text, as well as smooth tones.

High-speed, real time, variable data label printing is demonstrated with the Xaar 1001 greyscale inkjet printhead on a continuous narrow web using the new ixPressia colour label software. ixPressia’s new label product is optimised for real world label printing applications, and includes advanced technology to maximise speed and throughput. A unique feature is the ability to generate label images in real time in full colour with variable data. Its greyscale screening technology is the perfect partner for the innovative Xaar 1001 greyscale printhead.

Xaar spotlights the flexibility and benefits of XaarDOT and its range of drop formation options and its ability to fine tune them to specific applications. XaarDOT is incredibly versatile in giving printers the choice of what drop size or resolution to use for a specific job both in terms of image quality and substrate flexibility. By tuning the options, printer manufacturers can produce anything between high quality photographic results for close-up indoor viewing, and high productivity larger drop work for outdoor viewing on billboards or other signage.

“With competition ever-increasing in the print world it is essential you consider how best to add value to your printed output,” says Ian Dinwoodie, Xaar CEO. “Digital print provides flexibility and choice and the potential of new market opportunity through variable data, customisation and short run capabilities. Understanding how digital print can be achieved with leading-edge inkjet technology and how you can choose the right product for your business to maximise profit is critical, but not always easy. Inkjet is on the rise and more than ever inkjet is a mainstream technology that can be applied alongside traditional technologies or as a direct replacement for conventional print technologies. Recent developments in inkjet technology have overturned the issues of poor quality, reliability and productivity and Drupa will be a significant showcase for many of these.”

Mid-Drupa Conference

Finally, for those looking to investigate inkjet in more depth then the 1-day ‘Frontiers in Digital Imaging’ conference hosted by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology in conjunction with Drupa is a key event (Saturday, 31st May). Here, Werner Zapka, Xaar Advanced Applications Manager, looks at ‘Improved Reliability in Industrial Inkjet Printing’ alongside other experts analysing the latest and future developments, and challenges for digital imaging technology. More details:

About Xaar

Xaar is the world’s leading supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment to commercial printing and industrial manufacturing markets. Xaar’s innovative technology offers OEM customers and licensees commercial advantage through product differentiation, productivity, and faster time-to-market. Additional information about Xaar is available at