EFI’s Jetrion Industrial Inkjet Systems – update

EFI Jetrion Integrated Solutions


EFI’s Jetrion Industrial Inkjet Systems enable label converters, and direct mail and packaging printers to embrace the new world of digital printing.  Jetrion’s complete solution includes high-quality inks and systems that help printers meet the growing demand for short run printing, enabling them to increase their revenue and expand their customer base.

EFI Jetrion Drop-On-Demand Inks


Jetrion differentiates itself from the competition by ensuring that all its DOD inks seamlessly integrate with all its products, while all maintaining high reliability, and exceptional performance and consistency. To find out more about our DOD inks, click on the links below.

Jetrion Custom Inks


Jetrion designs, formulates and manufactures custom inkjet inks for businesses’ specific needs or applications. We can produce virtually any type of inkjet ink including spot colors, security formulations, metallic and low or high-spread inks. Our chemists create unique inkjet ink products to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Feature Highlights

  • Achieves long-lasting color. Whether it’s a PMS spot color for monochrome printing or a complete set of expanded gamut, CMYK plus orange and green inks, Jetrion’s custom inks provide the right color every time. Through the use of automotive pigments, the inks are durable to ensure that colors stay vibrant longer.
  • Optimized for application-specific requirements. Custom inks are developed with specific business needs in mind – to meet the end applications’ unique needs. Whether printing on metal packaging, polyethylene containers or plastic cards, Jetrion’s custom inks are optimized for price and performance.
  • Formulated for a variety of industrial printheads. Jetrion’s inkjet inks are proven to give exceptional performance for all print applications, whether the printheads are from Xaar®, Spectra® or Toshiba TEC®.

EFI Jetrion Fast-Cure UV Inks


Jetrion’s Fast-Cure UV inks are specifically formulated for high-speed digital printing applications such as in labels and packaging, or mailing and fulfillment. They provide optimal curing and jetting performance for single-pass printing, while simultaneously producing exceptional print quality.

Feature Highlights

  • Offers durability on multiple substrates. The inks work on a variety of substrates including coated and uncoated papers, films, foils and plastic cards, and are extremely durable and abrasion resistant, even in the harshest environments.
  • Is environmentally friendly. Because the inks are UV and not solvent-based, they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a feature that is very important to many environmentally aware printing companies.
  • Provides proven reliability. Jetrion’s Fast-Cure UV inks have been designed to work in a variety of industrial printheads and offer exceptional reliability.
  • Reduces printer maintenance costs. Since the inks are very dependable and never dry in the printheads, companies spend less on inks and equipment maintenance.

Single-pass UV LED-curing inkjet ink debuts

Single-pass UV LED-curing inkjet ink debuts

Jun 3, 2008 2:33 PM

Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI), (San Leandro, CA) a member of INX Digital, teamed with LED curing specialist Summit UV in developing EVOLVE UV — a UV LED-curing ink that offers 4-color with single-pass through-cure at speeds of 80 ft. per minute or higher, running with Xaar 1001 piezoelectric printheads. No inert curing atmosphere is required.
“We’ve been working with LED-cure inks for some time,” said Ken Kisner, TDI’s senior vice president, CTO, “but at slower speeds. A key to this technology’s success is formulating EVOLVE UV to work with Summit UV’s unique, new LED. It has the ideal UV wavelength and, importantly, ample power.”

“Compared to conventional high-intensity LED lights,” explains Mario Carluccio of Summit UV, “our Black Diamond 365 Series has a shorter (365nm) UV-light wavelength and much higher focused outputs — in excess of 6.0 Watts per cm2. This enables us, with TDI’s specially designed EVOLVE UV ink set, to achieve through cure at far faster speeds than ever before.”

“We’re now breaking barriers to digital printing in several areas,” Kisner points out, “including short-run narrow web label printing, variable-data applications — and many more to come.

“Getting single-pass UV through cure in-line with one LED light at 80 ft./minute more than triples previous speeds. And it’s just the beginning. We [can] tailor EVOLVE UV inks for virtually any substrate — plastics, film, paper; even metal or certain textiles.”