INX Digital’s TDI intros new high-speed, single-pass UV LED-curing inkjet ink at DRUPA.

INX Digital’s TDI intros new high-speed, single-pass UV LED-curing inkjet ink at DRUPA.
San Leandro, CA – May 21, 2008 — Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI), a member of INX Digital,
has stepped up the pace in global ink leadership, partnering with LED curing specialist
Summit UV in developing EVOLVE™ UV — the first UV LED-curing ink to deliver eye-popping
4-color with single-pass through-cure at speeds of 80’ per minute or higher, running with
Xaar™ 1001 piezoelectric printheads. All with no inert curing atmosphere.
DRUPA visitors can see the system in action at the INX Digital Exhibit CO2 in Hall 8b, from
May 29 through June 11, 2008 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
“We’ve been working with LED-cure inks for some time,” said Ken Kisner, TDI’s Sr. VP, Chief
Technology Officer, “but at slower speeds. A key to this technology’s success is formulating
EVOLVE UV to work with Summit UV’s unique, new LED. It has the ideal UV wavelength
and, importantly, ample power.”
“Compared to conventional high-intensity LED lights,” explains Mario Carluccio of Summit
UV, “our Black Diamond™ 365 Series has a shorter (365nm) UV-light wavelength and much
higher focused outputs — in excess of 6.0 Watts per cm2.
“This enables us, with TDI’s specially designed EVOLVE UV ink set, to achieve through cure
at far faster speeds than ever before.”

Breakthrough technology opens new avenues for digital growth.
“We’re now breaking barriers to digital printing in several areas,” Kisner points out, “including
short-run narrow web label printing, variable-data applications — and many more to come.
“Getting single-pass UV through cure in-line with one LED light at 80 ft./minute more than
triples previous speeds. And it’s just the beginning. We have the ability to tailor EVOLVE
UV inks for virtually any substrate — plastics, film, paper; even metal or certain textiles.
“We’re integrating technologies to provide high-speed printing at low cost. And, of course,
the standard digital advantages vs. conventional printing apply — faster startups and
turnaround with no plates, no cleanup or setup time.”
“Likewise, versus traditional mercury lamps for UV curing,” Carluccio emphasizes, “our LED
technology dramatically lowers power requirements while offering advantages such as
extremely low heat generation, instant on/off, no bulbs or other consumables. It eliminates
hazardous mercury, and avoids ozone emissions.”
“It’s a ‘double-green’ system,” sums up Kisner. “EVOLVE UV inks are formulated VOC-free.”
Fast, collaborative effort generates ‘buzz’ at RadTech, jump-starts DRUPA debut.
And it’s coming together quickly. Kisner and Carluccio both noted that mere weeks ago, this
combined technology didn’t exist.
Having previously collaborated on development work, INX Digital member TDI responded to
Summit UV’s invitation to test new EVOLVE™ UV inks with its new Black Diamond™ 365 series
LED-curing lights. Another INX Digital member, electronics engineering and system
integration specialist Innovative Solutions INX (ISI) has utilized advanced-generation Xaar
printhead technologies.

“When Mario told us the speeds at which they were getting through cure,” Kisner said, “we
contacted Xaar immediately — only a few weeks before RadTech (UV/EB Technology Expo).
Their Xaar™ 1001 printheads completed the system in time to demo at the recent Expo.”
The high-speed, single-pass UV LED-curing system created quite a stir, Kisner and Carluccio
concur. “Many observers said it was the most innovative system at RadTech this year,” Kisner
asserts, “and we anticipate a lot of interest at DRUPA.
“We’re excited about how far EVOLVE UV LED-curing inks have come so far. And even more
excited about where this technology can take digital printing in the future.”
Triangle Digital INX Co., a member of INX Digital group, is a leading global manufacturer of
inkjet inks for wide format, super-wide and new generation digital printers, and a supplier of
printer parts and related services. TDI also distributes selected advanced-design wide format
printers and recyclable polyethylene (PE) media.
INX Digital, the digital arm of INX International Ink Co., through INX Digital member
companies and global affiliates, offers a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced
technologies and integration services including chemistry, hardware, software, engineering
design & integration and media.

Contact: Susie Mendelssohn

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