NAZDAR Announces New Lyson Inks for Mimaki Printers


NAZDAR Announces New Lyson Inks for Mimaki Printers

SHAWNEE, KS — Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces the release of new Lyson digital inks for Mimaki printers.

Lyson 133 Series for the Mimaki JV33 & CJV

  • OEM color comparable, no profiling necessary in most situations
  • High intensity, high gloss colors with excellent adhesion and flexibility on most media
  • Reliable unattended printing

Lyson 155 Series for the Mimaki JV5

  • OEM color comparable>
  • Excellent print head and nozzle performance
  • Extended exterior performance with proven resistance to UV degradation and color fading

The new inks are available in 440ml. cartridges or 1-liter bulk bottles. Technical data sheets and more information are available on

The 133 and 155 Series inks expand the Lyson product portfolio of solvent and UV-curable ink compatible with popular digital inkjet printers. Richard Bowles, Nazdar Vice President and General Manager commented, “The market has been asking for OEM ink alternatives for the JV33 and JV5 printers. With the success of the Lyson 1300 series in the JV3 install base, we are confident these two new products will meet market expectations.”

Nazdar Lyson inks are an economical alternative to OEM solvent and UV-curable inks. Nazdar provides an equipment and application warranty that covers both hardware and output. Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can save up to 30% on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage.


Nazdar is the largest manufacturer and distributor of screen printing inks, equipment, and supplies in North America. For more information about any of Nazdar’s complete line of quality screen printing and digital products, contact the company at:

8501 Hedge Lane Terrace,
Shawnee, KS 66227-3290.

Phone: 913-422-1888.
Toll-free: 800-767-9942.
Fax: 913-422-2296

OEM Ink to Nazdar Lyson Ink Conversion Instructions

Mimaki Printers

Mimaki JV3 digital printers
Instructions to convert Mimaki JV3 printers from SS2 inks to Lyson 1300/1302 Inks.
Download Instructions

Mimaki JV33 digital printers
Instructions to convert Mimaki JV33 printers from SS21 inks to Lyson 133 Inks.
Download Instructions

Mimaki JV5 digital printers
Instructions to convert Mimaki JV5 printers from HS inks to Lyson 155 Inks.
Download Instructions

Mutoh Digital Printers

Mutoh Valujet
Instructions to convert Mutoh 1204, 1304, 1604, 1608, 1614 & 2606 printers to Lyson 2100 Inks.
Download Instructions

Roland Digital Printers

Roland printers
Instructions to convert all Roland, except for AJ-1000, printers to Lyson 2000 Inks. Download Instructions



manta slim

manta slim

New portfolio addition Manta Slim steals limelight at the Frankfurt show.

Olomouc, Czech Republic, November 09, 2010 – Grapo Technologies a.s., the Czech Republic manufacturer of wide format hybrid and flatbed UV printers reports its newly-launched Manta Slim was the star of the show at Viscom in Frankfurt, Germany.

“Printers were very interested to see how the Manta Slim can make a huge difference to their product offering. Not only were they amazed by the quality produced and how easily
the entry-level system could be operated but they were also impressed by attractive price,” said Sales Director Branislav Oravec. “There is nothing else like it on
the market that offers such a good quality/ price balance.”

Developed to easily enable printers to provide UV print to their customers without major financial investment, the space-saving Manta Slim takes up just half the footprint of its predecessor yet has a printing size of 2 x 1,5 meters. Using inks curable with UV lamps
it can print at 720 dpi on the widest range of rigid materials, including: foam board, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, glass etc.

The system was also featured on key distributor Igepa Group’s stand and Hamburg branch manager Uwe Becker, commented on the advantages of the small sister to the market proven Gemini: “The Manta Slim is the perfect entry-level solution for start-up companies
or screen printers who want to get into digital printing with an attractive price/ratio performance. The Viscom special offer price generated a lot of interest from show-goers”.

Oravec added: “The initial response to the Manta Slim was very encouraging. Viscom has provided it with an excellent springboard into the market place and we were very pleased
to see how excited our customers were about the possibilities the new system offers them.”

Bundle with Aristo
Also garnering much visitor interest was the Grapo printer and Aristo cutter bundle offer.
It was created to help end users establish a profit-enhancing final product workflow solution.

“This cooperation offers synergies for both companies,” states Michael Hock, Market Manager at Aristo in Hamburg. “And for us especially it is a door opener to new customers in this for Aristo very important market field of large format printing. Presenting the workflow with e.g. Caldera on Grapo´s printers to Aristo´s cutters shows all clients how easy it is to reach best results for their end-customers”.

“Also our close co-operation with other market leaders such as the Caldera RIP increases the potential and performance of Grapo Technologies’ UV printing systems, making them more affordable for the global market.”,

Oravec concluded: “We were also delighted with the number of sales leads received at the show and the fantastic opportunity we had to further cement some long standing relationships. At the same time we also met a variety of potential customers we aim to work more closely with in the future.”

About Grapo Technologies
Czech Republic-based Grapo Technologies is the only wide-format printer manufacturer with origins as a print shop. Grapo’s founder, Radim Králik, manufactured his first UV-curable wide-format printer for his own print shop in 2003. When he launched it commercially
in 2004, Grapo Technologies was born.

Today, the company manufactures mid-market wide-format printers that use UV-curable inks. By drawing on its experience as a print shop operator and using smarter engineering, Grapo Technologies ensures that its systems are the most efficient and cost effective
on the market. Grapo Technologies‘ printers deliver optimal performance and are easy to use and maintain, keeping training and operating costs to a minimum. All Grapo Technologies systems are put through a rigourous testing process in Grapo’s own print shop environment prior to customer shipment.

Grapo Technologies printers are manufactured in Europe and are used to produce billboard displays, building wraps, point-of-purchase (POP) displays and more. Grapo Technologies currently offers four models – Manta, Octopus, Shark, Gemini – which are sold throughout Europe and the rest of the world through a network of distributors. Please see the whole product line offer on

For more information, please contact:

Lutt Willems, Duomedia Public Relations
T +32 2 454 85 57

Maja Ostadalova, Grapo Technologies
M +420 602 44 10 10
T +420 587 435 631

Grapo Technologies – Gemini X10/1080UV



Olomouc, Czech Republic – Grapo Technologies, a manufacturer of wide format hybrid and flatbed UV printers based in the Czech Republic will be demonstrating its next generation of printing technology at FESPA 2010, scheduled for June 22-26 in Munich. The new flatbed Gemini X10/1080UV from Grapo Technologies is capable of printing on rigid substrates as well as roll-to-roll, and will bring to market higher speeds, improved quality and a number of new innovations. Grapo Technologies is located in Hall B2, Stand 460 at the show.

“The theme at FESPA 2010 is Catch the New Wave of Innovation,” said Radim Králik, CEO of Grapo Technologies. “That’s exactly what we will be bringing to the show with our next generation platform for UV flatbed printers. With a printing area of 2×3 meter for rigid sheets as well as the ability to handle rolls up to 165 cm, the Gemini X10/1080UV brings tremendous new business potential to sign and display printers at an affordable price point.”

Faster Output, Exceptional Skin Tones
With speeds of up to 90 square meters per hour, the new Gemini X10/1080UV also offers double the speed of previous generation Manta printers when printing with white ink at 15-30 square meters per hour. High quality printing of skin tones and better quality flat colors also differentiate this new printer.

“Sign and display printers are always seeking higher quality to meet the escalating requirements of their customers,” added Králik. “With greater speed and productivity, as well as the wide range of printed products, the Gemini X10/1080UV enables sign and display printers to produce more jobs at higher margins. Much of this new capability is enabled by the 10 XAAR 1001 printing heads with unique Through-Flow system and variable drop sizes for grayscale printing embodied in this new generation printer, as compared to eight printing heads and a fixed drop size in the previous generation.”

Expanded White Ink Capabilities
With the new design, the white ink heads are specifically positioned to print in one pass. “The Gemini X10/1080UV can print CMYK, white and CMYK again, printing three layers all in one pass,” explained Králik. “This is quite unique in the industry and contributes heavily to the improved productivity of this device. This capability is particularly important when printing on transparent substrates, such as acrylics, where images must be displayed on both sides. In addition to using white ink as the diffusion layer for backlit applications for point of purchase and other materials, white ink can also be used as a spot color, allowing selected images to be highlighted for greater effect.”

Grayscale Printing Brings Speed, Quality, Cost Savings
Previous generations of Grapo Technologies’ printers used a binary printing technology with a single drop size. In the Gemini X10/1080UV, grayscale printing is enabled by eight different levels of drop sizes ranging from 6 to 42 picolitres, with extremely precise drop placement. The ability to jet small droplets produces sharp images with smoother gradients and quartertones, while larger droplets produce dense, uniform solids. The result is a near-photographic image quality and also results in more efficient ink consumption, saving up to 35% in ink usage depending upon the application.

This variable drop capability especially affects white ink printing and allows the opportunity to produce more interesting images with much finer detail. The precise drop placement also contributes to both the improved quality and speed of the printer. Grayscale printing can either simulate additional colors, such as light magenta and light cyan, in a CMYK printing process, or additional specialized colors can be utilized if needed.

“We have designed this printer to be even easier to operate and more energy efficient than past generations,” concludes Králik. “It is ideal for screen printers seeking to move to more modern and efficient digital technologies, digital sign printers who wish to move away from less environmentally friendly solvent printing, and for offset or flexo printers who can effectively use the Gemini X10/1080UV to create short run samples cost effectively and/or diversify their offerings. Combined with the broad range of substrates that can be used, from irregularly shaped items, wood and glass to all types of plastic, vinyl and paper materials, the capabilities of the Gemini X10/1080UV relative to its price point are unmatched in the industry. We are excited to see the reaction of FESPA attendees.”

Orders will be taken for the Gemini X10/1080UV at FESPA, which will be commercially available in August 2010.

To achieve targets, to make money, today’s print business needs reasonably fast printer with high quality output on which business can relay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The New Gemini flatbed UV printer from Grapo Technologies provides all that at affordable price, 2 years warranty and professional experienced service and maintenance support.


Printing technology UV curable piezoelectric inkjekt
Printheads 10 x XAAR Through-Flow technology™ with variable droplets size of 6 to 42 picolitres
Nozzles per head 1000
Hardware resolution 360 x 360 dpi
Print (apparent) resolution up to 1000 x 1000 dpi
Print speed (productional quality) up to 90 sqm / 969 sqf (flatbed & roll) per hour
Print speed (high quality) up to 58 sqm / 624 sqf (flatbed & roll) per hour
Media types rigid sheets, flexible roll materials, objects
Maximum sheet size 2,0 x 3,0 x 0,06 m (6.6′ x 9.8′ x 2.36
Print area flatbed (edge-to-edge) 2,0 x 3,0 x 0,06 m (6.6′ x 9.8′ x 2.36
Maximum roll size 1,66 m (65.4
Print area roll 1,62 m (64
Core inner diameter 76 mm (2.99
Maximum roll weight 100 kg
Color system 2 x CMYK + 2 x optional head
Inks CMYK / W / V , Grapo Technologies by Sericol, 1L
Ink reservoir 5L
Curing system Water and air cooled lamps
Operation system Windows 7 Ultimate EN
Workflow processing Caldera Grand RIP 8 and Grapo Technologies print software
Image formats PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PostScript
User interface LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, signmark light installed
External dimensions 5675 x 4590 x 1826 mm
Weight 2300 kg
Electrical requirements 3 x 400V / 50Hz / 32A
Operation environment 18–26°C
Warranty 2 years
Technical support GrapoAssistant, 24-hour on-line technical support on